Cost of Living in Germany

Hey!! Today I’m going to talk about one of the hottest topic – the family budget and the cost of living in Germany. In this post, I’m going to share my personal experience and a very subjective view. However, I still think that live experience is always valuable and can help you a lot, especially when you plan to relocate to Germany and looking for a true information.

How to Find Your Personal Hygge?

I finally purchased this amazing The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living! Of course, I missed everything, it became a bestseller two years ago but I dived into my motherhood so deeply that I missed everything including this amazing book I am reading now. So, hyggie book … what this book is about? Candles, lighting and knitted socks with reindeer? Is this a comprehensive receipt for a happiness? Some of my friends think this book is shallow, like, come on, we are not Danish and our life is hard and hectic, nor reindeer neither homemade bread will make our life easier.

5 Awesome Tailor Made Linen Dresses To Buy for Summer

Today I was looking for a linen dress. I adore natural materials and linen is one of my favourites, especially for hot summer days.  Every stylish wardrobe, even minimalistic one needs a linen dress. And this is why: it is classic, elegant, rich fabric celebrated for its breathable, lightweight comfort. A linen dress can be worn for any occasion, as a casual day dress or as a night out dress. Since I am a stay at home mom, who has a high-energy toddler I appreciate multiway clothes I can dress everywhere.

Alpine Weekend in Schönau am Königsee

We have finally started to travel and to explore Germany and this time we chose to visit Schönau am Königsee. It’s been one year from the moving. One year ago we relocated to Germany from Israel, leaving all our friends and family overseas. In spite all great things we get here, lack of our family is still the most painful moment and significant disadvantage of our move.

The Most Trending Jewelry For Summer

Summer is here! Sea is here, and the sun is here, and a deep blue sky full of warm summer stars whispering about dreams and wonders. Summertime sensation, this special state of your body an soul, when your skin becomes tanned and your hair smells of sea and sand, freckles jumping on your cheeks and your soul full of dreams and new hopes. That is why I love summer. Needless to say, I am in love with a minimalistic summer wardrobe: linen dress, denim shorts, and some t-shirts. A simple summer outfit gives you a plenty of options for playing with jewelry. Yea! Summer is definitely a right time to open your jewelry boxes or to add new pieces to your collection.

So, I made some research and found some products from Etsy which, according to trends, will be popular this year and which, of course, are absolutely amazing findings.

How To Enjoy Flight With a Toddler

It was my first “kind of vacation” with my 1.4 yo daughter. As always, I had some unrealistic expectations, such as I am lying on the warm towel on the sand and she is playing with her toys near me, I just need to watch her. Ahahaha. Every time we came to the beach, I hardly had five seconds to put a sun guard cream. There were days I forgot to take my t-shirt, running after her all the time. To rest? I knew it was unrealistic and I was right. But my biggest fear was flight. So, now when we survived our flights, I want to share several useful tips.

Moving Abroad and Feeling Homeless

Over past decade, we changed two countries and seven homes. Rented apartment, rented houses, new neighbors, new landlords, new suburbs. I am seating in a café and looking on the family, which owns this cute family-run Italian trattoria with incredibly delicious food. They speak Italian. While ordering I try to switch between four languages. A waitress asks me where am I from and I …suddenly  I do not know what to answer.

The same is about home. Ask me where my home is and I will not know what to say. Does it make me homeless? What does home mean? Do we need one? Is it four walls, door, and a lock? Or is it a place which has a spiritual sense? A popular proverb says home is where your heart is. Is it so?

8 Things That Helped Me Survive My Baby’s First Year

Did you hear about those moms, whose children sleep well? In a stroller, in a car seat, in a bed?  When can you take them to the mall and sit with a big cup of coffee or even a small shopping? Or take them to park and enjoy reading your favorite book in peace and quietness? I have heard about them. Moreover, I am familiar with such moms and I envy them so much because I was not so lucky. Frankly speaking, I was not lucky at all in everything related to my baby’s sleep.  From the day one, we have struggled for every additional minute of sleep. Sleeping became a central issue of our first year. I have tried so many things, got so many pieces of advice, read so many articles but very few of them were really helpful. Therefore, I want to share some stuff that worked hoping it will save your time and help you to get through.

How to Engage Toddler in Reading

I love books more than anything in the world. I think reading is the most powerful tool to enrich a general knowledge about our world and to develop our imagination. Reading with your toddler encourages language development, enlarging your toddler vocabulary and gives them an understanding of language sounds and constructions. According to studies, toddlers who have been read to, have more educational and social advantages over they peers.The more books are woven in children life, the more they will see reading as a pleasure and a gift.

Spring 2018 Home Decor Must Have List

Yaaaay! Spring is finally here! Easter Bunnies are everywhere, the sun is shining, the sky is getting clean and clear blue, nature renovates its decoration and so do we. It is beautiful time when suddenly you stop and look at the sky,  the air is still cold with a mild but persistent and promising smell of changes; time for new hopes, new plans, and new beginnings. It is also a great time to add a gentle spring touch to our homes.