5 Minutes for Gorgeous Hair

I have very special relationships with my hair. I can give up on an outfit, makeup, or nails but not on my hair, it is the must. When I have clean, healthy, good-looking hair I just feel beautiful. The only problem is that since I became a mom, I have approximately five minutes to pamper my hair. All these two-hours-DIY-masks are not for me, as well as going to professionals to take care of my hair. I just do not have time for it.

So, what I did in this post, I just gathered some advice and products I use to keep my hair beautiful and healthy.

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I do not believe that vitamins are a panacea or they strengthen the whole immune system, so you will never catch a cold or it will prevent from getting a chronic disease. Recent researchers found that taking vitamins is not a way to become healthier. However, it is a way to replenish small nutrient gaps, which caused by different factors, for example, diet or medications.

When I was pregnant and then breastfed my baby, I was taking vitamins for pregnant and lactating women. Breastfeeding takes a lot of your body’s energy and a lot of nutrients you have to restore. Since it is a vitamin complex, it has a great effect on all of your body, not only hair. It is a common thing that during pregnancy, your hair is usually strong, but then, several months after giving birth, it seems as if all your hair decided to leave you and never come back. But I have to say, though I expected to lose my hair postpartum it just didn’t happen. I think one of the reasons were vitamins I took. The best way is to talk to your GP and choose the most suitable vitamin complex in your case. Your hair will be thankful.

Hair Masks

As I said, there a lot of amazing DIY masks with olive oil and honey and whatever you want, but when you do not have time for it, as I am, I prefer to use masks which have a maximum of natural components. I tried several brands and finally, I choose my favorites.

Restorative & color fixation mask with vegetable extracts – Surya Henna Hair Mask

Minute mask with cocoa butter for damaged hair – Alba Botanica Hawaiian Deep Conditioning

Coconut Oil

There is a lot of information about the magic effect of coconut oil almost on all spheres of our life. But we are all about hair today. According to the article of Dr. Michael Murray, coconut oil has strong antimicrobial and antibacterial effect since it contains lauric and capric acids that destroy protective lipid shield of many pathogens: viruses, bacteria, and parasites as well as a large number of fungi and yeast. So it is extremely helpful if you have any kind of skin irritations, dry seborrhea or dandruff. Since I have oily skin and normal hair, I like to apply the coconut oil on the hair tips only.

I use Nutiva Organic Virgin coconut oil, it has a young coconut flavor and it is suitable for cosmetic purposes as well as for cooking.

Dying & Bleaching

I adore blonde hair. I wish I were blonde. But I am not and once when I tried to be, it damaged my hair so badly that I had to cut it off. However, today there are many options to bleach your hair while keeping it healthy. I vote for ombre and highlights; even for such intense brunette as me it works and seems natural and elegant. So if you want to bleach your hair, consider more gentle way avoiding damaging all hair long: ombre, balayage or highlights.

In addition, I do not use hair dye, which contains ammonia. Wherever you color your hair: at hairdresser salon or at home, avoid using products with ammonia. In addition to the awful smell, it is also not healthy for your hair and body. Though extremely low dose penetrates the scalp skin, if you can avoid it, better do it.


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