5 Small Lifestyle Changes With a Big Impact

The day-to-day choices you make influence your health and your mood. All of us want to have a healthier and happier life, but even if want to change something in our lifestyle, it requires more than one day. I believe that it is easier to start from small things which create our daily routine. Here is the list of simple strategies:

Do not skip breakfast.

It is how you start your day and it is how your day will look like. Have ten minutes of a normal breakfast: some cheese, fresh bread, berries, fruits, yogurt and a cup of tea or coffee. But not a cup of coffee instead of a healthy meal! Sit for a ten minutes, do not eat on the go, put aside telephones and laptops, and simply try to enjoy a good morning because it can be the last quiet ten minutes before you dive into a hectic day. You will need the energy to start the day right.

Five minutes shower to clean your body and your mind.

Usually, we are taking morning shower to wake up, to feel fresh and full of energy and simply to have several minutes just for yourself. In addition, morning shower increases our creativity, so if you have a problem, try to solve it during the shower, you may find a solution you did not see before. If you prefer to take a shower before bed, try to replace before-a –sleep-shower with immediately-after-work-shower. You will see the difference immediately. It will clean your body and your soul from the stresses and problems of the whole day and you will leave you several productive hours before sleep.

Save time and energy and automate what you can.

The modern world offers you a million solutions for automation and it is worth to use them to free resources for the things that really matter. Pay your bills with an application, just set one date per month to check that everything is accurate. Clean your apartment with a robot vacuum cleaner, buy a dishwasher, shop for groceries online. Since we have a finite amount of energy every day, it is better to use it wisely.


How many books have you read recently? Have you taken any online course? When was the last time you have read an article, something except Facebook news feed? It is entertaining but not learning. Following the “20 minutes rule” and devoting twenty minutes daily to learn something new is not a big deal, but it will, when after one week you realize that you have accomplished a book or finished online course.

Call your family and friends.

No matter how hectic and stressful your day was, find five minutes to make a short call. Everything passes. Five minutes is not a great deal but it is a great investment in your relationships with people you love.

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