Alpine Weekend in Schönau am Königsee

We have finally started to travel and to explore Germany and this time we chose to visit Schönau am Königsee. It’s been one year from the moving. One year ago we relocated to Germany from Israel, leaving all our friends and family overseas. In spite all great things we get here, lack of our family is still the most painful moment and significant disadvantage of our move.

However, there are happy moments as well, when your family members come to visit you and you are so glad to welcome them in this beautiful country! Recently my brother with his family visited us in Germany and we had a great time together in Schonau am Koenigsee. I’ve never heard about this place before, and I was absolutely amazed by its beauty. What I like about life in Germany is that among the crowded and pumping cities you can always find an absolute quietness and a sweet solitude given us by a generous nature. I think you can never become tired of these incredible mountains and lakes and an austere completeness of Alps.

Trip Tips

It took us three and half hours to get there from Herzo. No traffic, very easy and fun trip. We stayed there for three days and wished we had been there longer. If you plan to go there, book your stay beforehand. When we checked hotels in February, everything was occupied till the end of the year! But we were lucky and have found an absolutely wonderful place. We booked two great apartments in Haus beim Stein: quiet, clean and spacious rooms, with parking and a great location. Absolutely recommended!


What To Do at Königsee

I would recommend taking a ferry and visiting the far coast of the lake. It takes seven minutes walk to Obersee, a small lake between the mountains. A ferry to both destinations St. Bartolomeo church and Obersee will cost 18 Euro per person and will take around 50 minutes to get to the place. There are many hiking trails, the third highest mountain in Germany (Watzmann 2.713 m), real alpine meadows from a fairy tale, pathway and trails for families with small children who travel with a stroller. BTW, you can take a stroller everywhere with you.

Since Schönau am Königsee situated almost on the border between Germany and Austria, close to Italy and Switzerland,  is a great location to continue your trip to these countries.

And cows 🙂 again.


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