Cost of Living in Germany

Hey!! Today I’m going to talk about one of the hottest topic – the family budget and the cost of living in Germany. In this post, I’m going to share my personal experience and a very subjective view. However, I still think that live experience is always valuable and can help you a lot, especially when you plan to relocate to Germany and looking for a true information.

Alpine Weekend in Schönau am Königsee

We have finally started to travel and to explore Germany and this time we chose to visit Schönau am Königsee. It’s been one year from the moving. One year ago we relocated to Germany from Israel, leaving all our friends and family overseas. In spite all great things we get here, lack of our family is still the most painful moment and significant disadvantage of our move.

Moving Abroad and Feeling Homeless

Over past decade, we changed two countries and seven homes. Rented apartment, rented houses, new neighbors, new landlords, new suburbs. I am seating in a café and looking on the family, which owns this cute family-run Italian trattoria with incredibly delicious food. They speak Italian. While ordering I try to switch between four languages. A waitress asks me where am I from and I …suddenly  I do not know what to answer.

The same is about home. Ask me where my home is and I will not know what to say. Does it make me homeless? What does home mean? Do we need one? Is it four walls, door, and a lock? Or is it a place which has a spiritual sense? A popular proverb says home is where your heart is. Is it so?

What You Should Check When Moving Abroad with a Baby

We moved to Germany from Israel when our baby was four months old. When I was searching for any information, everything I’ve found was “do your homework, join the local Facebook groups, ask questions”. In spite the homework I did and information we received from our relocation agents, there still were a lot of white spots and a lot of question. After living here for nine months things became more clear and I want to come up with a particular checklist of what you should know and what you should check when you planning to move overseas with a new baby.

Grocery Shopping in Germany

I used to hate grocery shopping when I lived in Israel. It has always been a mission impossible: a battle for a free parking place, overcrowded supermarket full of loud people, enormous prices, maneuvering between overloaded trolleys and endless line to the cashier. In addition, in a regular kosher supermarket, you cannot buy such products as prawns, mules or any other seafood, some cheeses as well as pork or duck meat, obviously. As well as tasty bread. So you will have to visit at least one additional non-kosher supermarket and a bakery.When we moved to Germany, I was very pleased to discover the difference.

Leaving Big City Lights to a Medieval Bavaria

It is our first real winter for the last ten years! Wooow!!! I am so excited! You can hardly find somebody in Bavaria this time who is as happy as I am to see the snow covering all over around.

It is so strange when you still see the weather reports on your phone that it’s +27 in Israel and your friends spending a weekend on the Tel Aviv beach, while here in Herzogenaurach you are in a complete winter tale. I miss the sea, but I adore winter. Snow, silence, stingy and wet streetlight… this always reminds me the endless winter evenings with a cup of imperial spice tea and my favorite the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis.  

4 Critical Things to Ask for Job Relocation Package

Relocation for a job is a complicated process and decision to move requires full consideration. Of course, when you are young, single and free like a bird, it is rather a fun adventure than a stressful change.

When you have a family, the process becomes more complicated. However, complicated dos not mean impossible, it just means that you have to plan logistic more carefully.

The main relocation challenge is to find a new place you and your family will call home, to become acquainted with a new environment, to build all infrastructure and of course to master a new job and to do all at once.

Why Moving Abroad Could Be Your Best Decision?

These days when our world becomes more and more globalized and boundaries between countries almost erased, it is not uncommon to move to other country seeking for a job, for a new experience, for love, for a better life or for any other reason. It is always a tough decision, to pack your whole life into boxes and leave.

I was born in Ukraine. I graduated school and university there. When I was twenty two I moved to Israel and have lived there for ten years. Several months ago, we moved once again, relocating to Germany for a job. Ten years, five languages, three countries, friends, family divided between two countries … well this was not an easy decision. However, despite all risks, stress, anxiety and troubles caused by our move, I think it was a right decision. Moreover, I believe this is one of the best and most valuable experiences I could have in my life.