Hey!! Today I’m going to talk about one of the hottest topic – the family budget and the cost of living in Germany. In this post, I’m going to share my personal experience and a very subjective view. However, I still think that live experience is always valuable and can help you a lot, especially when you plan to relocate to Germany and looking for a true information.

Bavaria is Not All Germany

Since we live in Franconia, which is Northern part of Bayern (or Bavaria), all prices and costs are relevant for this region only. I think, and I am almost sure, that there is a big difference between different regions of Germany. Moreover, life in a small town or almost village is not definitely cheaper than living in a big city. So, please take this into account.

Each Family is Different

In addition, I have to say that searching the topic of costs of living in Germany I understood that the fork is so broad, that you can find families living on 1500 Euro per month and saying it’s ok and those who will argue that 8000 Euro is not enough to live fair. So, what is good for one is not good for all.

Costs of Living in Bavaria

Here I gathered the most common and basic costs:

  • Rent

There are two types of rent: cold (apartment/house only) and warm (includes apartment/house and bills for electricity/water/warming etc).

For example, a 2 bedroom apartment will cost you 800 Euro cold rent and 1200 Euro warm. A 3 bedroom apartment will cost you 1000 Euro cold rent and 1400 Euro warm.

Take into account that bills are not final and are recalculated at the end of the year. Therefore, there might be a situation when you overpaid (so you will be given a payback) or you will be added a surcharge.

  • Food

From my experience for the family of 3 (two adults and one child) you will need approximately 90-100 Euro per week, so around 400 – 450 Euro monthly. If you want to save, I think 80 Euro will be a fair weekly minimum for a small family. This amount includes food, household goods such as cleaning, hygienic goods, baby food.

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  • Car Maintenance

In my example, I’m taking into account full insurance (which is the most expensive insurance) and fuel consumption. Everything depends on your car so the cost here is very approximate. Insurance will cost approximately 120 Euro per month and fuel, well, again, depends on your needs. If your office is nearby and you don’t travel much, you can say it will be 60-80 Euro monthly.

  • Mobile

If you do not go with traditional mobile companies, which is absolutely normal because of unjustified prices  (coverage? Heh..),  then 15-20 Euro will be enough.

  • Kindergarten

Well again, it depends on the kindergarten, or nanny, or Tagesmutter – whatever you chose for your child.  However, I would say the average monthly price will be 300 Euro per child (it is 5-6-7 hours daily).

So we have 2200 Euro before shopping, travel, vacations and entertainment.

Family Budget and Moving

First of all, I am taking into account 2200 Euro to cover basic needs and adding 1000 Euro for shopping, travel, entertainment and other unexpected expenses.

Then, it has been one and a half year after moving, I can say that if you plan to move, add more. Your expenses will be higher than usual at least first 3-6 months when you start a new life and building a new home. You will have a plenty of small and big unexpected and expected expenses, that is why you can’t count on minimal costs.

Where to Find Actual Information

  • YouTube
  • Quora
  • Different comparison websites
  • Local Facebook groups
  • Your relocation agency/ your future co-workers

So plan wisely and have a nice settle in Germany!

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