How to Decorate Rented Apartment to Feel Like Home

When you move every several years you start missing home… This relaxed feeling of being surrounded by your favorite things, knowing the places for everything, light and a scent of your lovely home. Once it was a lot of fun for me, to furnish and decorate new place every time we moved, but when you move every two years it became a painful routine. In the beginning, I spent a LOT of time planning and matching, I just felt I have to change everything to create a comfortable atmosphere, and these changes cost a fortune every time. Fortune I obviously did not have, not to mention it was not the best investment. Therefore, after N-th move I made a list of several things that would cost less than $300, and most of them can be purchased online and the main thing: they really make you feel like home.

Color Scheme $ 0

Dedicate some time to choose a color scheme you will like and fill comfortable with. Usually, it takes several days, because of the light: check your color scheme during the different time of the day, in the foggy morning – does it inspire you to start a new day? In the midday when the lights are bright and warm and in the evening when you want to rest and relax. It makes everything else easier and you will be able to decorate your apartment like a pro. Once you have chosen the color scheme you have chosen the main motive of your apartment style.

Curtains $100

Window decoration is a key. The naked window is beautiful only if you live in Paris and have an Eifel tower view or cute inner yard. Otherwise, it looks depressingly. I prefer the classic option: a white gathered tulle and a pair of blackout curtains. Last time I have ordered curtains from Aliexpress and it was a way cheaper than buying them any other place.

Cushion $40

A cushion is a simple way to add more comfort and coziness. Choose 2-3 colors from a color scheme, that will be compatible with curtains and general atmosphere of your living room or bedroom and buy no more than two cushions to each room. It is enough to feel a gentle and stylish touch and not too much to have a cluttered room.

Home Plants $20

I would consider buying 3-4 plants and putting some of them a living room. For tiny apartment place a plant near the mirror – it will give you double greenery. I have to confess that keeping the home plants alive at least two weeks after buying them is still a secret for me. I feel like a total plant murderer. So I personally prefer herbs: mint, basil, oregano, rosemary. It gives your kitchen very homy look, in addition, they are useful and do not require much care. Tip to save on pots: reuse glass mason jars, fill them with stones for drainage and a soil.

Wall Art $50

Buy 2-3 printables from Etsy to decorate walls in living room and bedroom. It is nice, more special and unique than common IKEA art and, it is cheap. There are a lot of free printables as well.

Complete Dish Set $70

It does not matter if you have moved alone and you do not have anybody to invite for a cup of tea, or if you moved with family, always buy a full set. Do not buy three mugs and three plates. It looks cheap and hopeless and it feels lonely. Of course, I am not talking about cluttering your cupboards with a glass staff. Just one beautiful set you like, but you will not cry over crushing it during the next move.

Total: $ 280

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