Easy Clear Skin Diet To Try Now

After I left cosmetologist last time and left 170 Euro as well, I decided that I am exhausted.

I am tired to buy expensive care treatments for problem skin. I am tired of visiting cosmetologist every three weeks,  of trying new exfoliation product, new “amazing” moisturizer, new “super effective” facial mask new whatever. I think I tried everything and still,  I am not happy with results.

So I understood I have to change something. I know that I use high-quality skin care products, so this is not the reason. I know that my cosmetic is perfectly compatible with my oily and problem skin. So the last thing I had to deal with (frankly, it had to be the first thing of course) was changing my food habits.

After doing some research I developed super easy diet plan, I want to share with you:

Thess Products Harm Your Skin

Alcohol and soda drinks: alcohol in excessive amounts dehydrates the body, sodas are full of sugar. Avoid.

Dairy products: milk and dairy products contain cow hormones which cause a misfunction of oil glands, they produce excessive oil. By the way, in this case, organic milk is not a solution. Some searches say that plain Greek yogurt or any yogurt without added sugar is ok though.

Meat: since I am vegetarian, meat is excluded from my meal plan by default. From my experience, several years of avoiding meat had a very positive effect on my health. Contrary to popular belief, it did not influence the level of iron in my body, but it did influence the cholesterol level – it has dropped dramatically.  In addition, meat if full of hard-breakable proteins, which impedes digesting. As a result, it stays in your body undigested and produces excessive sugar and yeast. By the way, eggs – same story. For those who are not vegetarian, doctors suggest eating lean meat.

White flour: white bread, pasta, pizzas, cookies, doughnuts, cakes, crackers, buns, croissants and all this amazing staff is going to be banned from now. What is a problem with white flour? It appears that during industrial bleachings very dangerous chemicals such as nitrogen, chlorine oxide, and benzoyl peroxide are used. These chemicals are known for causing diabetes and cancer. Exclude.

Sugar: the first question of every cosmetologist is about the amount of sugar I eat. And my answer does not sound good. I am a big fan of pastry, in my case, it is sugar plus white flour. Hello acne, my old friend! Sugar causes inflammation and rapid aging of our body. The recommended daily amount of sugar is 15 g, while we consume 200 g/daily in average. A lot of space to cut down.

What Makes Your Skin Healthier

Water: drink water to keep your body and skin hydrated. Though some amount of water comes from fruits and vegetables, 6-8 glasses are needed to keep the water balance. Tea and coffee are not included.

Fruits, vegetables, juices: as much as it possible in a raw form. Say yes to salads! Pumpkin seeds will be a tasty and very useful addition to your salad since they are a natural source of zinc. Berries are a great source of antioxidants. The more antioxidants we eat the better.

Chia seeds: high in antioxidants, in vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, high in protein, Omega 3 and fiber. There are various ways of eating chia seeds, but in order to get maximum nutrients from them (especially omega-3), as well as make them ready for the digest, it is better to soak them before consume. It takes from 30 minutes to 2 hours of soaking in water to get them ready to eat.

Fish: wild salmon, tuna, and mackerel are the richest source of omega fatty acids which help to reduce inflammation.

Probiotic for restoring a gut flora and keeping friendly bacteria in your intestines. Recent decades researchers have proven that there is a straight connection between the health of intestines and skin health. Very often inflamed skin is a sign of that intestines suffers as well from harmful bacteria and underpopulated normal gut flora.

Green and herbal tea instead of a black tea. Green tea reduces blood sugar and is a source of antioxidant polyphenol which prevents your skin from producing excessive sebum which leads to clogging pores and inflammation.

Dark chocolate. Surprise. Surprise! Not every tasty thing is forbidden. Dark chocolate is another source of zinc which contains a low amount of sugar and almost no dairy.

Frankly speaking, it is hardly can be called a diet, because you can eat a lot of different food, it is very simple and easy to follow and results are definitely worth it.


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