How to Engage Toddler in Reading

I love books more than anything in the world. I think reading is the most powerful tool to enrich a general knowledge about our world and to develop our imagination. Reading with your toddler encourages language development, enlarging your toddler vocabulary and gives them an understanding of language sounds and constructions. According to studies, toddlers who have been read to, have more educational and social advantages over they peers.The more books are woven in children life, the more they will see reading as a pleasure and a gift.

It is never too early to introduce books to your baby. At the age of 6 months, babies start to understand simple words as they are spoken. In a few months when your baby starts to recognize objects and point to pictures, reading will become more interactive and a joyous activity.

What Book to Buy for Toddler

  • Books with bright and nice pictures of animals, animal noises, and furs
  • Flip-the-flap books and pop-up books
  • Wimmelbuch or hidden picture book – this is a great book your child enjoy for many years. It is a specific kind of large-format books, which are large-format, wordless picture book. You can tell a hundred stories about different objects, each day a new story. It is a great book to talk, to play and to develop imagination.
  • Books about favorite objects such as favorite animal, zoo, farm, forest, holidays, seasons, cars, music etc.

How to Engage Your Toddler in Reading

  • Create a daily reading routine – have a special quiet place, without distractions such as TV, computer, telephones or radio.
  • To have fun together – at the age of 1 year it is very difficult for children to sit and concentrate more than several minutes and it is ok, the older they become the longer they will be able to dedicate to books.
  • Let your baby choose a book – she may have favorite stories, illustrations or authors.
  • Turn reading into entertainment – use different voices and noises, sing songs and repeat familiar phrases and words. Children learn best through play.
  • Foster creativity and imagination use – you can create your own stories together with your toddler. After reading the story, encourage your kid’s imagination by asking “and what happens then?”, “and what they did after that?”, “if you would be princess/king/another character – what would you do?”

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That is why I prefer to buy an additional book rather than an additional toy. We love reading and have many different books.  Here are our favorite books, I would recommend for reading to your toddler.

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The Bedtime Bear: A Lift-the-Flap Book (Tom and Bear) a great bedtime flip-flap book with amazing illustrations.

Die große Anne Suess Wimmelbox this is a set of  3 most popular Wimmelbuch, which includes animals, farm and the general one with a little bit of everything. This is a nice gift for a child of any age.

The Snail and the Whale a story about a little snail and a giant whale and their amazing adventure. This book won a BBC Blue Peter Award as a best-illustrated book for reading aloud.

Listen, Listen LB the book about nature, seasons and sounds.

Everywhere Babies a sweet board book about sweet babies, their parents, families, and love of all kinds.

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