How to Grow a Minimalist Wardrobe During Maternity Leave?

It appears maternity leave is a perfect time to declutter your closet without stress and start enjoy owning fewer things. During my maternity leave,  I used to wear only five things from my huge closet: a gray cotton t-shirt, a pair of black jeans, soft hoodie, a pair of sneakers and a leather jacket – these were all my clothes during first months of my maternity leave. Of course, I did not go to the office so I could afford myself a very simple look, but even if I would multiply this modest outfit by five or by ten, my wardrobe was far more crowded.

All skinny and tight clothes annoyed me, as well as all polyester things that felt as if I was wearing a plastic bag. I was dreaming about a monochrome and classic minimal wardrobe (well, this is not true, I was dreaming about some extra sleep hours actually) with natural fabrics – linen, cotton and wool clothes, so this was a great opportunity to get rid of all strange yellow and pink plastic dresses. 

Clothes I did not wear for one season or more

It does not matter how I love this dress or t-shirt, there is no chance I will ever wear them. Once I read advice that you should hang all hangers backward and if, after one season, there are still such hangers it means you did not wear these clothes – you have the first candidates to leave your closet.

The most comfortable

I knew that the comfort and simplicity would be the most important requirement for my new wardrobe. I did not want narrow skirts or tight jackets, as well as super skinny jeans or dresses I wore once. It is impossible to wear them while I breastfeeding, carrying or playing with a newborn baby. So, they were useless for one year at least. In one year, all of them would meet the previous criteria. Out.

Classic and beautiful colors

Since I am a “winter” color type, black, and white, grey and “cold beige” are my colors. Brown and orange were never my colors, no matter how beautiful they are. That is why I decided to build my capsule with right colors. Of course, there is always a room for one red dress. I adore red dresses.

Good quality and nice fabric

I wish I could wear only cotton, linen and cashmere high-quality clothes but unfortunately, it will cost a fortune. I decided to throw out only several absolutely plastic things. Somehow, this made me think that my wardrobe became more hmm…classic? Mature? Expensive?

Final revision

Well and now we were about to move to Germany. So I had to minimalize my wardrobe even more and I made an additional revision once again.


I do not have much of them so I had a minimal set from the beginning. But this is maybe the least problematic thing since no matter how your body has changed, accessories still will fit J


Well… here I have a real problem. I simply cannot refuse any pair of my shoes so after revising, sorting, and crying I took all forty pairs to Germany with me. In fact, I use two of them… One day I will be strong and I will declutter my shoe closet.

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