Moving Abroad and Feeling Homeless

Over past decade, we changed two countries and seven homes. Rented apartment, rented houses, new neighbors, new landlords, new suburbs. I am seating in a café and looking on the family, which owns this cute family-run Italian trattoria with incredibly delicious food. They speak Italian. While ordering I try to switch between four languages. A waitress asks me where am I from and I …suddenly  I do not know what to answer.

The same is about home. Ask me where my home is and I will not know what to say. Does it make me homeless? What does home mean? Do we need one? Is it four walls, door, and a lock? Or is it a place which has a spiritual sense? A popular proverb says home is where your heart is. Is it so?

Where Is Your Home

Where my family is? Well, my family spread among three countries, as well as my loved ones. This is an outcome of moving and living abroad.

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I thought might be the home is where your memories are? The brightest and the most precious moments of your life, moments of joy and happiness? Hardly so.

Home is where your loved ones are? When you far away from your loved ones it may feel like being homeless. However, no doubts you’ve experienced situations when a peaceful coexistence with some family members, loved and appreciated,  is absolutely impossible and brings only quarrels and conflicts into your life. So, no again.

However, when you move far away from everything and everybody, your homelessness felt more acutely. When you are going through a challenging period of life or experience significant changes, you may feel stressed, abandoned and lonely, seeking and dreaming about a quiet and safe harbor where you can relax and rest, restore your energy and return balance to your life, not being judged or rejected for being who you really are. I think such place can be called home. But, these are quite high requirements, aren’t they? That is why I conclude that home has rather a spiritual sense, being something much more than a physical property. Hence, homeless is not equal houseless it is a state of mind, a mood, a feeling. No wonder, that during hard times we feel homeless. No wonder that some of us can stay homeless for all of their life either.

Finding a Quite Harbor

How to find this quite harbor for your heart and for your mind? The longer I am thinking about it the deeper I believe that you can’t shield your mind from everyday troubles and stresses using stone walls and locks. It seems, finding a home is more complicated mission than purchasing a nice and fancy house. That is why I, as well as Mark Matousek, whose post inspired me to raise this question for myself, believe that searching for a home is searching for a peace of mind, which is searching for an answer, which is, in other words, searching for God. I believe that once one will find him, he will never feel homeless under no circumstances.

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