How to Recharge Your Energy When You Feel Exhausted

It is a middle of February. Christmas mood is gone and there are at least two months until the real spring. Outside is below zero. Energy is below zero. How to survive until summer and recharge your energy? Everything I have found searching for some useful recommendations was: fall in love with yourself or be healthier/fitter/stronger… And it is good. But I want to talk about inspiration. Being a stay at home mom and having same day routine every day very easy to lose inspiration elsewhere between the endless laundry and sleepless nights. When I feel exhausted, my family feels it as well. So it is not just me suffering but people I love. Therefore I always try to find ways to switch the grumpy mode into something more positive.

This is what helps me to stay motivated, all of the below methods are very simple and do not require any investment, even going out.

Easy Clear Skin Diet To Try Now

After I left cosmetologist last time and left 170 Euro as well, I decided that I am exhausted.

I am tired to buy expensive care treatments for problem skin. I am tired of visiting cosmetologist every three weeks,  of trying new exfoliation product, new “amazing” moisturizer, new “super effective” facial mask new whatever. I think I tried everything and still,  I am not happy with results.

So I understood I have to change something. I know that I use high-quality skin care products, so this is not the reason. I know that my cosmetic is perfectly compatible with my oily and problem skin. So the last thing I had to deal with (frankly, it had to be the first thing of course) was changing my food habits.

After doing some research I developed super easy diet plan, I want to share with you:

How to Decorate Rented Apartment to Feel Like Home

When you move every several years you start missing home… This relaxed feeling of being surrounded by your favorite things, knowing the places for everything, light and a scent of your lovely home. Once it was a lot of fun for me, to furnish and decorate new place every time we moved, but when you move every two years it became a painful routine. In the beginning, I spent a LOT of time planning and matching, I just felt I have to change everything to create a comfortable atmosphere, and these changes cost a fortune every time. Fortune I obviously did not have, not to mention it was not the best investment. Therefore, after N-th move I made a list of several things that would cost less than $300, and most of them can be purchased online and the main thing: they really make you feel like home.

5 Minutes for Gorgeous Hair

I have very special relationships with my hair. I can give up on an outfit, makeup, or nails but not on my hair, it is the must. When I have clean, healthy, good-looking hair I just feel beautiful. The only problem is that since I became a mom, I have approximately five minutes to pamper my hair. All these two-hours-DIY-masks are not for me, as well as going to professionals to take care of my hair. I just do not have time for it.

So, what I did in this post, I just gathered some advice and products I use to keep my hair beautiful and healthy.

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How to Nurture Your Child’s Creativity

There are days we are playing a lot with my one-year-old baby, reading a lot, singing, dancing and learning new words and colors. However, there are days we do not do anything. We just spend our day together, eating sleeping and going for a walk. In such day I could not stop thinking that although we had fun together, it was an absolutely useless day –  I did not do anything useful for my baby, I did not DEVELOP her.  I am constantly asking other moms about development games, development toys, and development books and so on. Then, I stopped for once and asked myself, what do I want to develop in my child? What is really important to cultivate? To help her with?

What You Should Check When Moving Abroad with a Baby

We moved to Germany from Israel when our baby was four months old. When I was searching for any information, everything I’ve found was “do your homework, join the local Facebook groups, ask questions”. In spite the homework I did and information we received from our relocation agents, there still were a lot of white spots and a lot of question. After living here for nine months things became more clear and I want to come up with a particular checklist of what you should know and what you should check when you planning to move overseas with a new baby.

Grocery Shopping in Germany

I used to hate grocery shopping when I lived in Israel. It has always been a mission impossible: a battle for a free parking place, overcrowded supermarket full of loud people, enormous prices, maneuvering between overloaded trolleys and endless line to the cashier. In addition, in a regular kosher supermarket, you cannot buy such products as prawns, mules or any other seafood, some cheeses as well as pork or duck meat, obviously. As well as tasty bread. So you will have to visit at least one additional non-kosher supermarket and a bakery.When we moved to Germany, I was very pleased to discover the difference.

5 Small Lifestyle Changes With a Big Impact

The day-to-day choices you make influence your health and your mood. All of us want to have a healthier and happier life, but even if want to change something in our lifestyle, it requires more than one day. I believe that it is easier to start from small things which create our daily routine. Here is the list of simple strategies:

7 Ways to Take Care Better Of Your Child Health

I am a regular first-time mom. I am not a doctor; I do not have any medical background either.  And if my baby does not feel well I, like a million other moms, call my pediatrician. I am fond of our pediatrician; she is very experienced and professional doctor as well as nice a very polite woman. Since it is your child health, it is very important to find a doctor who you will trust and feel comfortable with.

6 Tricks to Get Things Done with a Baby

When I was pregnant, I had some hmm… let me say, unrealistic expectations. I thought my baby will sleep three times a day for 1-2 hours each time in her white beautiful crib and when awake, will eat and smile, and play, and well…will be a little perfect angel and a very comfortable baby.

The only one expectation became one hundred percent real: she was really a little perfect angel. And the rest were just expectations.