How to Recharge Your Energy When You Feel Exhausted

It is a middle of February. Christmas mood is gone and there are at least two months until the real spring. Outside is below zero. Energy is below zero. How to survive until summer and recharge your energy? Everything I have found searching for some useful recommendations was: fall in love with yourself or be healthier/fitter/stronger… And it is good. But I want to talk about inspiration. Being a stay at home mom and having same day routine every day very easy to lose inspiration elsewhere between the endless laundry and sleepless nights. When I feel exhausted, my family feels it as well. So it is not just me suffering but people I love. Therefore I always try to find ways to switch the grumpy mode into something more positive.

This is what helps me to stay motivated, all of the below methods are very simple and do not require any investment, even going out.

Good Book

Reading is my lifebuoy. No matter how exhausted I am, I have to dedicate 10 – 15 minutes before sleep to reading some good book. I discovered that it is possible to read 2-3 books in parallel. My recommendation: read several books. I use to read one about parenting and raising a child, one is some fashionable best-seller novel, and the last one is absolute must – spiritual literature. This is my current list:

“Rest, Play, Grow” by Deborah McNamara is a road map book about preschoolers and how to understand them better, about the role of adults in their lives and creation of the right condition for a child to flourish. This book took based on the approach of the famous scientist and psychologist Gordon Neufeld, and in my opinion, is an absolute must-read for each parent.

“A Man Called Ove” by Fredrik Backman, is a novel written by Swedish columnist, blogger, and writer about a grumpy old man next door. I bet everyone has such a neighbor, but not everyone knows what a big heart is hidden beneath. Bittersweet, tender and very humorous book. Absolutely love this book.

“Bhagavad Gita”  with comments by A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada is a world-famous masterpiece, an ancient spiritual text with clear explanations and its timeless message. For me, as for many other people, this book became an endless source of inspiration, insights, and support, kind of a key to all doors.

Planning Next Vacation

Planning a trip to a new place always inspires me. Searching for the tickets, for the hotel or apartment, making lists what to bring, thinking of new places, new smells, and tastes… these are pleasant chores. Of course, now it is not just a two of us, and we probably will not have a relaxed journey full of wild adventures. However, traveling with a toddler is no less fun. Since our parents live abroad, as well as most of our friends, a trip can be a great opportunity to meet them elsewhere and to travel together. In addition, it is a great help with the baby. Another thing, I noticed that if you travel with friends who have babies the same age as yours, it is absolutely great – you have the same pace, you do not need to explain a lot of things and all your trip become a real fun.

Building a Vision Board

The most simple and effective way to put in order your dreams and goals is to create your own vision board. Except for organizational value, this board has inspirational and creative value as well. It is a fun and easy way to set your goals and to track your successes.  I always say that dreams are the only place where we do not have limits. So do not limit yourself. Visual stimulation is one of the strongest stimulation to our brain. I like to print out images which inspire me and represent my goals as precisely as possible. The illustration of the goals has an additional value – it gives a shape to our dreams, helping to define it more precisely, to revise and even sometimes to understand if it is really what we want to do.

Pampering Myself

A day of pampering brings back my feminine energy. Well, I cannot imagine dedicating a whole day to this, but I really enjoy evenings when I have time to care about myself. Today there are so many options to choose! It can be a DIY home SPA day (or less) or pamper evening or visiting cosmetologist/hairdresser/manicure master… even watching beauty bloggers’ tutorial makes me feel more beautiful and feminine, less a mechanical exhausted mom.


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