Spring 2018 Home Decor Must Have List

Yaaaay! Spring is finally here! Easter Bunnies are everywhere, the sun is shining, the sky is getting clean and clear blue, nature renovates its decoration and so do we. It is beautiful time when suddenly you stop and look at the sky,  the air is still cold with a mild but persistent and promising smell of changes; time for new hopes, new plans, and new beginnings. It is also a great time to add a gentle spring touch to our homes.

Trendy Colors

What colors will be popular this spring? Every season the team of Pantone Color Institute evaluates the colors in fashion collections and creates the PANTONE Fashion Color Trend Report – a top colors we are expected to see across all areas of design and fashion.

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Spring Wreath

Freshen up your front door and give your guests a warm welcome with a tasteful and elegant spring flower wreath.

Purchase: ElegantWreath (Etsy)

Paper Flowers

Use a flower power to chase away winter dull days and doldrums and bring a sunny spring mood. Modern gorgeous paper flowers will be a great decoration for bedroom, nursery or living room. Easy to hang and easy to clean, in any color, you want (remember the trendy colors for this season) they will definitely add spring and stylish touch to your home.

Purchase: MioPaperArt (Etsy)

Flower Centerpiece

Create a decoration theme with a beautiful and elegant flower centerpiece. The centerpiece helps to enliven a room and transform a cold March day to a sunny spring day.

Purchase: MidnightOwlCandleCo (Etsy)

Nursery Decor

Wall art is a cheap and easy way to freshen up a nursery décor, giving a room cheerful and festive look.   Brighten up space with cute and colorful pictures and printable.

Purchase: Prrint (Etsy)

Garden Spring Decor

Yes! It is time to renovate your flower containers, buy or DIY floral accessories and refresh your garden with blossoming trends of the season. Plants are the best choice to enliven your home, garden, and lawn. Even if you do not have a garden, use a stylish indoor planter to bring a cheerfulness of spring to your home.

And your balcony

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Let’s celebrate the spring together!

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