The Most Trending Jewelry For Summer

Summer is here! Sea is here, and the sun is here, and a deep blue sky full of warm summer stars whispering about dreams and wonders. Summertime sensation, this special state of your body an soul, when your skin becomes tanned and your hair smells of sea and sand, freckles jumping on your cheeks and your soul full of dreams and new hopes. That is why I love summer. Needless to say, I am in love with a minimalistic summer wardrobe: linen dress, denim shorts, and some t-shirts. A simple summer outfit gives you a plenty of options for playing with jewelry. Yea! Summer is definitely a right time to open your jewelry boxes or to add new pieces to your collection.

So, I made some research and found some products from Etsy which, according to trends, will be popular this year and which, of course, are absolutely amazing findings.

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Raw Minerals Jewelry

Raw minerals are very summery. Their elegant simplicity and beautiful pithiness allow you to express your personal style without many words. Such jewelry has a very special message “this is pure me, rough and raw, with lights and shadows, with soft wrinkles and bushy hair, with my own beautiful imperfections”.

Raw minerals are used in many spiritual practices, their natural geometry, deep colors and attractive texture without any polishing makes them unique, eye-catching statement pieces.


Purchase at ⇒ Liz Larios


I adore bracelets. Summer is the best time for bracelets – no long sleeves, no tons of clothes, just bare hands and some bracelets. Bangs, cuffs, snakes, leather, charms- whatever you like, always in trend. The only rule – keep proportion, if you have a slim and slender hand, avoid massive and heavy bracelets and vice versa. For this summer I would choose white silver and leather in order to be simple and more natural.

Purchase at ⇒ KUARZ 


Classic, romantic and always sophisticated, pearls have been said to bring wisdom and compassion. Timeless and elegant, pearls make a perfect accessory for any occasion. Choose something light and airy, romantic and unique to enhance your summer outfit.

Purchase at ⇒ SHIZING


Summer is about colors, right? White t-shirts and shirts and bright jewelry pieces. In order to look modern, try a combination of different textures and metals with vivid and bright crystals. Choose a jewelry according to your color type: winter & cold summer – cold blue colors crystals and autumn & spring – warm, red.

Purchase at ⇒ An Angel Hugs

Have a nice, happy and vivid summer!

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