Why Moving Abroad Could Be Your Best Decision?

These days when our world becomes more and more globalized and boundaries between countries almost erased, it is not uncommon to move to other country seeking for a job, for a new experience, for love, for a better life or for any other reason. It is always a tough decision, to pack your whole life into boxes and leave.

I was born in Ukraine. I graduated school and university there. When I was twenty two I moved to Israel and have lived there for ten years. Several months ago, we moved once again, relocating to Germany for a job. Ten years, five languages, three countries, friends, family divided between two countries … well this was not an easy decision. However, despite all risks, stress, anxiety and troubles caused by our move, I think it was a right decision. Moreover, I believe this is one of the best and most valuable experiences I could have in my life. 

And so the adventure begins

Moving to another country can be a completely new experience and an interesting adventure. New culture, new people, new mentality, new tastes and new smells, it is hard to find any other source of such bright and unique impressions. Though we visited Germany several years ago, we have never thought we will move here one day. It was not a complete shock for us, but the difference between Israeli and German culture and a way of life is huuuge. Living in the most beautiful part of Germany, among the ancient castles and little fairy houses, with no traffic and no big-city noise, eating cheeses and berries, meeting one and a half people a day, we still feel as if we are on a long Europe vacation.

The most important things are not things

You are making endless lists, packing your stuff into boxes and then you understand that the main “thing” you cannot take with you is people you love. It is the hardest thing to leave your friends and family, but at the same time, it helps you to understand that the main things in our life are not things actually, but people. You will definitely miss them, you will miss your friends’ parties, your family members’ birthdays. However, if you move with your partner or family and they are totally on board with your decision to change your life, there is no greater support and there is no better way to strengthen your relationship. Despite you miss your friends and family, it appears your partner is able to replace them all for some time, to be your best friend, to be your caring mom and dad, and it is time when you suddenly discover new facets in relationship.

Becoming minimalist

When moving the first time I was trying to take with me as much as possible. Who knows what was waiting for me there? Moving the second time we decided to take with us only very essential things (well, here it went differently – we moved with a baby so we had way more stuff than the first time), but I believe when and if we decide to move the next time we will take a small suitcase for everyone… unless we have another baby. Relocating from hot Israeli April to the snowy April in Germany with a four month old baby, well we had a lot of stuff with us. In the end of the day, we used maybe a half of it. The conclusion we made: the less the better.

Explore yourself

Starting your life again when you are thirty requires certain courage and risk. Such experience helps you to learn your strengths and weak sides, to become more self-confident, organized, responsible and resolute.


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